I want this game so bad now.


Steam Greenlight

What happens at 100°C?

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

s t r a t O - Version 1.0.3

  • Thin smooth circular rings with glow
  • Pause Button fix
  • Pause Button Fade
  • Fade in/fade out transitions
  • Minor Optimizations
  • More silly score text
  • Ring pickup sound change
  • Floating Origin Bug fix that was causing ridiculous difficulty spikes
  • Main Menu UI overhaul
  • Switched to stereo sound for some samples (it was on mono)
  • Music change between 125-150 rings
  • Sky colour and lighting theme change between 125-150 rings

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I hope to have version 1.0.3 out soon. Considering adding free PC/Mac/Linux download links in the paid app.